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    These are the comments I got when I wrote Wanted: Virtual Personal Email Servers: (me:) Today this article was announced on LinuxToday and this is the first comment it got: I didn’t feel like creating an account on his site just to make this comment (where’s OpenID please?) but in case he reads the comments here - the obvious solution is Citadel, which is a nice compact installation that does pretty much everything he’s looking for in a single package.
  • Wanted, Virtual Personal Email Servers

    (update 2010/05/29: here’s another article about VPES legal, management and economics issues) The way email is normally used today has several serious limits that I recently explained in another article. I also pointed out that one of the biggest obstacles to personal email management is lack of user demand for Virtual Personal Email Server (VPES) software and hosting packages. A VPES may run into any computer in your home or in some external datacenter, but that is another issue.