Tell me and I may write about it

Computers and software should make life easier and help us to save time (and money), not waste it. Many commercial programs are (or look) much more polished, complete and user friendly because they let you do the simplest things very quickly and easily, just clicking around in a graphical interface. The downside of all this simplicity is that it is can be very hard or time consuming to do anything above that first level of usage.

Free Software can look more difficult to use and can take a bit more time to learn. Especially if you are convinced that the only way to interact with computers is, or should be, always clicking the same buttons, even when it wastes a lot of your time, or that any other way is intrinsically much, much more difficult. The point is, do you believe that because it is always, inherently true, or because you were told to believe it?

The truth is that Free Software, by its own nature, is much more inclined to automation and customization, that is to do by itself, without wasting your time, exactly what you need. Spending a little time to learn a few tricks can save you much, much more time in the future. Tell me what your Free Software problem is!

If this looks difficult, it is because it is very frustrating to find advice and answers when you don’t even know which questions to ask and which words you should use. So, here’s the deal: tell me (see below how to do it) what your problem with Linux is, or what you would like to do with Free Software. I will try to find a way to do that on Linux or, on other operating systems, with other Free Software, and if there is a solution I will explain it here for you and other people with the same problem. I will do it for free, but if you want to support this service, here’s how to do it. How to ask for help

Just send an email to, explaining what it is that you would like to do with Linux or other Free Software but don’t know how. I cannot promise a solution to every problem you may have, of course, but I will try to find one.