• Flash/nVidia horrors, Gnome/KDE fights in my Fedora 14

    . Just a few days after I had brought back my Fedora computer to life, the last updates in kernel, nVidia driver from RPMfusion and what not did to my Fedora 14 box (the same that was damn slow three weeks ago) what you see in these pictures,taken while visiting a recent Linux.com article on microformats (sorry for their quality, but I had to take pictures because screenshots wouldn’t show the “sticky ad”).
  • Update on, Why is my Linux so damn slow?

    About three weeks ago I became so fed up with the disgusting performances of my Fedora computer to make a public Help request: why is my Linux so damn slow?. I got plenty of help (90 comments to that post while I’m writing this one) and useful suggestions. Later this week I will reformat all those suggestions in a separate post aimed to complete Linux newbies, to help them to find get support faster when they find themselves in a similar situation.